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The World Summit Award-winning Grace App is a non-speaking, simple picture exchange system developed for people with Autism to communicate their needs independently. Users can select pictures to form a semantic sentence which they can then share, by tilting the iPhone or iPod touch to create a full screen view, and pointing at each card to hear the listener read each word.

Available for iOS and Android.

Speed - The GPS Speedometer

Speed is a simple speedometer for iPhone & iPad that uses the location data from the GPS to provide a near-perfect representation of how fast you're actually traveling.

Featuring lush graphics and a clear, legible display, Speed has an inbuilt compass and odometer/tripmeter. With support for miles, kilometers and knots, Speed is the perfect road, sea or air speedometer.

Available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10 and Harmattan.

Lotto Machine - Random Number Generator with Physics!

The first and only random number generator with a physics engine!

Lotto Machine is purely designed to help you pick your numbers for the lottery - sounds boring, right? Wrong! With a gorgeous UI, a spinning drum and physics that you can control with the accelerometer, now playing the lottery is fun no matter the outcome!

You can choose how many numbers to pick, and how many numbers to pick from, so you can use it for non-lottery related purposes, or even for games.

Bring a little fun into your life, and who knows - you might even win (and if you do, please let us know)!

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Take One for iPad

Take One is a digital clapperboard and movie slate to keep track of your footage and takes, and to assist you in syncing audio with video.

Incredibly easy to use, without superfluous and complicated features. Create, type, clap and be ready to shoot in a gorgeous and simple user interface.

Whether you're filming your awesome road trip or making the next big-budget blockbuster, Take One is the simplest and easiest digital movie slate to work with.

Available for iOS.

Storyboards for iPad

Say hello to Storyboards, your new best friend for creating and watching back storyboard sequences. Whether you're working on a film, a presentation or a piece of software, Storyboards can help you lay out your idea.

The first thing you want to do with a fresh board is to sketch out what is happening. Storyboards provides tools for drawing the board and adding arrows to show movement.

Once you have your board laid out, you'll want to add some extra information. Maybe some dialogue and camera actions, or possibly the purpose of a view in your application.

Once a scene is set up, you can give each board a duration and play back the scene to get an idea of the flow.

Available for iOS.