With the closure of the Nokia N9 MeeGo/Harmattan store, we're releasing our Harmattan apps here for free. Enjoy!

Lights Off

The classic game is back and better than ever!

Lights Off is a simple game in which the goal is to turn all the lights off to progress to the next level. Featuring smooth animations, subtle sound effects and beautiful artwork, Lights Off is the perfect way to kill some time and see how far you can get.

Tap the LCD area to select level!

Download .deb for MeeGo/Harmattan


Speed is a drop-dead simple speedometer that uses the location data from the GPS to provide a near-accurate representation of how fast you're traveling.

Featuring lush graphics and a clear, legible display, Speed is the perfect bike, car, boat or train speedometer. Kilometers, miles per hour and knots are supported, and a landscape mode. Even more, if you double-tap the dial it will invert itself - perfect for reflecting a heads-up-display in windshields!

Download .deb for MeeGo/Harmattan