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Storyboards for iPad

Say hello to Storyboards, your new best friend for creating and watching back storyboard sequences. Whether you're working on a film, a presentation or a piece of software, Storyboards can help you lay out your idea.

The first thing you want to do with a fresh board is to sketch out what is happening. Storyboards provides tools for drawing the board and adding arrows to show movement.

Once you have your board laid out, you'll want to add some extra information. Maybe some dialogue and camera actions, or possibly the purpose of a view in your application.

Once a scene is set up, you can give each board a duration and play back the scene to get an idea of the flow.

Available for iOS.


Speed Classic

Speed is a drop-dead simple speedometer for iPhone that uses the location data from the GPS in iPhone 3G to provide a near-accurate representation of how fast you're actually traveling.

Featuring lush graphics and a clear, legible display, Speed is the perfect bicycle, boat or train speedometer. Both kilometers and miles per hour are supported, and a landscape mode for widescreen operation. Even more, if you double-tap the dial it will invert itself - perfect for reflecting in windshields!

Also available for Android and Windows Phone 7.



Orbit brings you an instant way to switch between pages on your home screen. Inspired by the 'iPhone Expose' concept, this modification gives you an icon that, when tapped, animates your home page into the Orbital View.



Stack is one of the oldest and most popular additions to your iPhone or iPod touch that adds a quick-launch menu to your Dock, giving rapid access to your favourite applications. Designed exclusively for iPhone OS 3.0 and above.

Simply tap the Stack and it will unfurl across your screen, then tap any icon to open it. Drag & Hover an icon (but don't let go!) across the Stack to add an application to it; drag an icon out of the Stack and let go to remove it. Drag the Stack like any other icon on your homescreen to reposition it.

Stack also has a Grid View mode, for those times when the Stack has too many items to fit onscreen at once.

No longer available.